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Aw snap! My cover art for Bravest Warriors is finally getting printed in December! (according to Newsarama)


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The Hannibal staff have received their copies of our Banquet artbook and goodies! (x)

Thank you delaurentiiscompany for being such an amazing team and creating such a wonderful show! And thank you everyone for backing the kickstarter and signal boosting/reblogging! You guys made this happen, the artbook couldn’t have been possible without your support!

And of course, thanks to all the beautiful people who contributed to the making of the book!

Baru | Blue | Coey | Dee | Fey | Lohkay | Mel | Reaper | Arythusa | Sairobee | Sashkash | Sol | Tumbles | Zenyr | Littledeerling | Zoroko | Sayael | EmilyLubanko |  kasiabanas | Doodleedoos Beenamistry | R-urban | ShyDark-Tarou | mixed-bless-ing |   

Stay tuned for Banquet volume two details!

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I’ve been a bit M.I.A. ! Keeping myself busy with finishing and starting new comissions, and preparing for artist alley (Midoricon!). If you are going be sure to stop by my table this weekend!

This is a cute commission I just finished up for a couples anniversary, they met at an arcade and wanted something that showed that. <3 

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This is  taking forever to ink… :1

(btw you can get a print of this here!) 

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I drew a monster high  u ___u 

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a commission I did for blackstar a little while back….  u w  u

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We are Groot


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What the heck did I just watch

and why do I love it

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Quick self portrait speedpaint!

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Money has been really tight these past few months. Please check out my print shop, signal boosts are very appreciated!! ♡♡♡♡ Check out my shop!

Free worldwide shipping through Sunday! Please take a peek! 

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Just look at these! Her other work was equally as fantastic, but as you guys probably already know I’m partial to Hannibal.

Seriously, go check out zoroko's blog!

Aaaa I’m so glad you like the prints! You are too nice!!!!

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Not sure if any of my followers are heading to the small Glass City Con but hey, I’ll be there! Hit up my table and say hi! I’ll have prints, masks, necklaces, books, and sketch commissions! 

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Finally got around to doodling something from Monument Valley, an adorably perfect but too short mobile game….

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So I have well over 5,000 followers…which made me question. How did you find my blog? Why did you follow my blog? Why are you guys so awesome???

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A cute little fullbody lineart + flatcolor commission for a friend!! It’s for D&D!   :3