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    We’re putting the digital copy up for sale by popular demand :)

    »Click through for Instant Download


    Currently we have no concrete plans for a reprint or a 2nd edition, but Season 2 is likely to spurn another book. So keep your eyes out for updates here!

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    The sold-out Hannibal art book now has a digital download available!

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    My second Hannibal art piece that was featured in the Hannibal art compilation book: Banquet !

    Hand antlers~~~~~ 

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    One of two Hannibal art pieces that was featured in the Hannibal art compilation book: Banquet

    This is my favorite of the two that I submitted! Had a lot of fun playing around with the colors and all them hands. 

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    Switcharoo meme! This has been a long time coming, but we’ve finally finished it…and EVERYTHING CAME OUT AMAZING!

    It was a ton of fun doing this with Patches and Kichisu

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    Anonymous asked: I love your portfolio!!! It looks super awesome! Keep up the good work!


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    The books are here!

    Please be patient as we get the Kickstarter pledge package ready to ship with all the extras :)

    Please follow our tumblr account for updates when copies become available for sale.

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    I just received my copy! It’s absolutely gorgeous <3

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    I Just had to sketch Lupita and her Prada dress after watching the Oscars~ What a talented cutie!

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    Snuggly World of Warcraft couple, 2 full body painted commission for Karena!

    Undead guy looks like he is saying “What did I tell you about public displays of affection???” haha

    I’m not taking anymore commissions for the month of March! If you are still interested when April rolls around, please shoot me an email at! Ty ty

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    Another commission completed! A painted bust, Painting a fur character was an interesting challenge~

    Another commission completed! A painted bust, Painting a fur character was an interesting challenge~

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    Congratulations and thank you to all our guest artists!

    Time to reveal who else had a hand in making this book :)

    Guest artist list:
    Littledeerling | Zoroko | mixed-bless-ing | Sayael | EmilyLubanko | Dark-Tarou | kasiabanas | Doodleedoos | Beenamistry | R-urban | 


    There will be a limited number of books for purchase after we fulfil the campaign pledges, they will be available over at 13crowns studios, we will let you know when they go up for sale :) 

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    I’m very pleased to announce that some of my work will be featured in this artbook, along with many talented people! aAAaaa! Keep on the lookout at 13crowns store for copies, if you didn’t get a chance to back the kickstarted!
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    Lunch time Ryuko sketch that I might finish&#8230;

    Lunch time Ryuko sketch that I might finish…

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    First painted commission is completed! These lovely guys belong to vinnora !

    Still taking commissions btw! Check the post here

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    Opening up commissions for a while! The call of being an adult and paying bills have especially high these past months.

    Interested? Have questions? Send me an email at!

    If you need a quote for something else that isn’t listed, contact me and we can arrange something! Commissions will be completed no later than a month after I let you know when I start on the drawing(s). Payment is to payed half up front, and half when I finish the work! Keep in mind these commissions are for non commercial use.

    Please signal boost if you can, whether you are getting a commission or not it’s extremely appreciated!

    Me and my cat family thank you <3

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    I’m going to be opening up commissions soon here, my funds have dwindled so much because of my cat children and bills!

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